I love the EU because it protects workers’ rights

“The EU protects workers’ rights.” That’s just a Remain fib, right? After all, some of those rights existed before the EU regulations, and probably the rest would have been put in place by now by one or another government. And in many cases the UK has legislated better rights than those mandated by the EU,

That’s mostly true. We could debate all day about who created those rights. What the EU does is PROTECTS those rights.

It doesn’t matter what rabidly rightwing government we vote in (and let’s face it, our electorate has shown itself pretty stupid), they cannot remove the following:

– 20 days of paid holiday
– Rescheduling of annual leave if you’re sick
– A written contract
– A maximum 48-hour working week
– Time off for antenatal appointments and 18 weeks’ parental leave
– Time off to care for a sick child
– Equal pay for men and women
– No discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, sexual orientation, or religion
– Better rights for agency workers
– Minimum health and safety at work
and many many more (1).

So you think it’s scaremongering to say a future government might remove those rights? Well there’s MPs currently in the House of Commons who aren’t fond of them. You see, these pesky workers’ rights impinge on the profit of big business, and many of the Tories are all about the big business (also known as, their mates). For example, Priti Patel has stated that it would be good to reduce “the burdens of the EU social and employment legislation”. (2) Burdens? Only on their profit. Not on you and me.

And if the current government loves our rights so much, how come they haven’t even closed some known loopholes in the EU legislation? They haven’t addressed zero contract hours (the EU plans to do that). They haven’t sorted out the “Swedish derogation” that still lets agencies exploit its workers (the EU plans to do that).

But the point is not what Boris, Iain, Nigel et al might do once they get their grubby hands on our country. No, let’s look beyond the next four years. Let’s celebrate PROTECTION OF OUR RIGHTS for our whole lives, for our children’s whole lives. Celebrate that we can go and work in any of 27 other countries knowing we can rely on the same basic workers’ rights, and that we can’t be thrown out on a whim just because we don’t earn enough money. Celebrate that the lives of people across Europe are being gradually improved, to the point that our children will want to go and work in their countries as much as they want to come and work here.

Say it loud and proud, the EU is a GOOD THING! I love the EU!

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(1) https://www.tuc.org.uk/sites/default/files/UK%20employment%20rights%20and%20the%20EU.pdf
(2) http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2016/05/21/priti-patel-admits-leave-campaign-agenda-to-reduce-workers-rights-tuc/

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