Quiet but still here

cropped-image-1.jpeg If you’re one of the thousands of visitors who’ve come here to read my post about EU grants, you may be looking around and thinking it’s a bit quiet in here. Well, yes it is. I have been badly disillusioned since the referendum and haven’t posted anything new.

However, I have kept an eye on existing posts, and if I thought there was anything that needed updating or had become untrue I would have changed it. Nothing has changed. My opinion has not changed. We should not leave the EU. Even the Treasury admits that we will all be poorer under any version of Brexit.

We now have the glimmering of a way out – a people’s vote, maybe? a last minute revocation of Article 50 to avoid a no-deal disaster? a total implosion of UK politics? Who knows? I’m pretty sure Theresa May doesn’t. But I may get posting again…

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