We will not give up the fight for the EU

LETITGOI have thought hard about the future of this website. Should I, as many people are saying, suck it up, move on, let it go? No, I will not let it go. And here’s the reason why.

We had a vote on a Big Thing that, if it happens, will alter the UK forever and in very important ways. Just over half of the voters wanted the Big Thing. Just under half of the voters didn’t want the Big Thing. In what sort of democratic, fair society does that mean that the Big Thing should happen in its entirety? How is that right?

In any other situation, we would say that a half and half vote means that we need to find a halfway house solution. We would not say that the side that edged ahead by a fraction should get everything they wanted, while the other side gets nothing. This was not a vote about which film to go and see at the cinema, the question that was put to us is fundamental to our country – the way it functions within and outside of Europe, its role in the world, the way it treats people who were not born here, its economic stability, and its future as a union.

If the vote had come out for Remain, the concerns of the substantial proportion of Leave voters would have had to be addressed. It would have been a wakeup call for the EU and for our government that the free movement of people is an issue – whether real or perceived, it still needs considering – and that a huge number of UK voters do not feel listened to or represented. Things would have changed. Back to the real world, where the Leave vote edged ahead, the concerns of the Remain voters cannot be simply swept under the carpet and ignored.

48% of us voted to stay in the EU. 48% of us will not take it lying down if we are dragged out against our will. 48% of us will not let it go.


2 thoughts on “We will not give up the fight for the EU”

  1. Agree. I will not let it go. Democracy is flaw if half of the nation is ignored because they voted for Remain. That is not right, that is not a fair democracy. Period.

  2. Very well said, great arguments and I like the way you write.

    Senior figures in the Leave camp even said during the campaign that they would lobby for a second referendum if they lost. I don’t think a second referendum is the answer now, but I agree with you that there is no reason to give up.

    In fact, there are very powerful reasons to continue to fight for being a part of Europe. The leave campaign was misleading on too many issues and the way it used migration was not just divisive but has put us in the impossible position (that they all too glibly state) of wanting free trade with the EU without free movement. Many people who voted leave didn’t think it would matter or didn’t understand the consequences and now regret it. It threatens the break up of the UK and long-term economic hardship. There are too many reasons.

    Please keep going!

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