I love the EU because… so does everyone else…?

I know a lot of you are hurting. It’s killing you inside, agreeing with David Cameron. Gosh, you’re even having to agree with George Osborne. How can you possibly be siding with those lying twatbadgers who are systematically oppressing our poor and stripping our assets?

I know. I hate it too.

So imagine this. Imagine there’s a referendum on whether we, as a human race, get to keep on breathing or whether we should commit mass euthanasia. There’d be some pretty unpalatable people on the #votebreathing side. You’d have to agree with everyone you’ve ever hated, because everyone would be voting to keep breathing.

And this referendum is actually that simple. The reason every major political party leader, most MPs, most scientists, most economists, most businessmen, etc etc are on the remain side is that it is the only sensible side to take if you love our country. And I do love our country, and I love the EU because we are stronger as part of it.

The Leave campaign is populated by politicians who have seen this as an opportunity to take control of our country. They don’t truly believe we would be better off outside the EU. If they did, they wouldn’t have to outright lie and make things up to convince the electorate. And they don’t love our country, or they wouldn’t be plotting to destroy it.

Make no mistake, Brexit is not a campaign, it is a coup. I don’t like David Cameron, I don’t like his government and I don’t like his policies. But on this occasion he’s right, and we have to swallow our dislike and stand with him to defend our country.

We can go back to hating him next Friday.

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