Don’t understand or care what’s going on in politics right now? Read this.

You need to read this. Even if you think you don’t understand politics or you hate all politicians – if you care about our welfare state or our NHS you need to pay attention, just for five minutes.

This isn’t about Brexit. Boris Johnson doesn’t actually care whether we’re in or out of the EU – rich people like him are OK either way. From the beginning he has used Brexit to further his own career, not because he believes in it, and that’s what he’s still doing now. Brexit is a red herring. Whether you’re a Leaver, a Remainer, or don’t have an opinion and wish the whole thing would go away, you should still be worried about what’s happening right now.

The right-wing press, along with prominent Leave campaigners, have over the last three years successfully moved the debate so that a large proportion of Tory voters and all Brexit Party voters think no-deal is an acceptable outcome. It isn’t, but that’s not really relevant.

What’s relevant is that if Johnson delivers a no-deal Brexit, he can say to all those voters that he has delivered what they asked for. Then they will vote for him in a General Election, and he will be our real, proper Prime Minister, for five years. If he doesn’t deliver it then all those voters will vote for the Brexit Party instead, splitting the right-wing vote. And the opinion of anyone who doesn’t normally vote Conservative is completely irrelevant to him.

So Johnson is proroguing Parliament (not just for a few days, don’t be taken in by that) to make sure that nobody can stop a no-deal Brexit. Not because he believes in it. Not because delivering it will be a triumph for a democracy. No, it’s pure and simple so that he can win an election without interference. That’s his cunning plan.

Even if you agree with Brexit, even if you think no deal will be fine, a seizure of power in this way is a disaster. Setting the precedent that a Government can suspend Parliament in order to stay in power is so dangerous. This is how democracies die – little by little, because nobody does anything about it.

And a Johnson government should scare you. He has the support of Donald Trump and ties with Steve Bannon. He is light on policies so far, but we can expect a lurch to the right, with our welfare state and NHS acceptable casualties when it comes to tax breaks for the rich. Is this who you want to lead us during the inevitable recession that everyone agrees will follow no-deal? There will be no welfare state by the end of it.

If you are in receipt of benefits. If you are disabled. If you are on minimum wage. If you are already clinging on by your fingernails and one more cut will push you to the food bank. IT WILL GET WORSE.

So you cannot afford to ignore politics any more. You cannot afford to let Johnson seize power in this way. Please, if you have never paid attention to politics in your life, pay attention now.

Go on a protest. There’s one near you on Saturday.

Write to your MP to tell them you support any action they can take to defend Parliament.

Sign the petition asking that Parliament not be prorogued.

Share this post, especially with your friends who aren’t interested in politics. They need to get interested.


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