Brexit means UK jobs moving to Germany

downloadLast week it was announced that Rolls Royce, Derby’s largest private sector employer, is moving some jobs to Germany. The Derbyshire Telegraph reports that:

Engines designed and built by the firm, which has its civil aerospace division in Sinfin, have to be signed off by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). There is uncertainty as to how this aircraft safety and design approval process would work when the UK leaves the European Union… The firm’s design approval work is therefore being moved to Dahlewitz, close to Berlin in Germany.

This is the reality of a harmonised Europe. Ardent Leavers will tell you that there is an ever increasing infliction of red tape, but actually having a single set of laws allows businesses to easily meet standards and operate across borders. Continue reading Brexit means UK jobs moving to Germany

I love the EU because I can work anywhere in Europe

Submitted by Sue in Sheffield

I love that I can go and work and travel anywhere in Europe, no barriers, no visas, no problems! And free healthcare too. Win!

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I love the EU because it protects workers’ rights

“The EU protects workers’ rights.” That’s just a Remain fib, right? After all, some of those rights existed before the EU regulations, and probably the rest would have been put in place by now by one or another government. And in many cases the UK has legislated better rights than those mandated by the EU,

That’s mostly true. We could debate all day about who created those rights. What the EU does is PROTECTS those rights.
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