Telling the positive stories in the Remain campaign

My name is Katherine, and I am one of the 48%. I voted Remain, and I believe we have as much right as the 52% to have our voices heard and our concerns addressed. There is a halfway house solution out there, and we must work towards it.

This website is to share information on the benefits of the EU to the people of the UK. Positive stories did not make themselves heard during the referendum campaign. They were drowned out by the fears dismissed as scaremongering and the call for “sovereignty” and “control”.

You don’t need to actually love the EU to join in with this. You don’t need to love it like you love your children, or your dog, or treacle sponge. But if you’re one of the people who knows a reason why the EU is good for you, your business, your neighbours or your family, please tell us all about it! We need to know the good things that we should fight not to give up. The campaign is not over.

We also want to hear positive stories about support for immigrants, about love, about solidarity. Share them all!

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